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-Watch for  new shirt designs for Arnie Beswick. 
-Watch for the volume II video of "Arnie 'the Farmer' Beswick, a   

       Living Legend".




1960 Pontiac, a Fresh Look

"1960 Pontiac, a Fresh Look" print, shows the various models and celebrates the winners who all used 1960 Pontiacs.

The Final Run Off, 1961 NHRA Nationals

"The Final Run-off, 1961 NHRA Nationals" print features  the last run of the day for Top Eliminator at the 1961 NHRA nationals in Indianapolis.




2004 Trans Am Anniversary

New for 2004, we're celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the Trans Am. 
Celebrating 40 years of "shrinking time and distance", this shirt features a 1965, '68, 70 as well as the brand new version.  Arnie's 1964 pro-mod GTO is in the mix.

The S.T.A.R.S. event shirt from Pensacola, FL.

Limited sizes available

2003 F-Body

The 8th Annual National F-body Motorsports Event T-shirt

Beyond Imagination

The progression of the Firebird from 1967 through 2002 is featured in one of Dean's favorite designs ever!

2002 Firehawk/Norwalk

This magic shirt is sure to amaze your friends when it changes color in the sun!

Kid's Shirt

The perfect shirt for your little enthusiast!

2002 Memphis F-body


This is the official event shirt for the 2002 National F-Body Motorsports Event held in Memphis, Tennessee.

Grand Prix

New for 2002, this shirt celebrates the 40th year of Pontiac's premier luxury sports car.

Mystery Tornado

The "Mystery Tornado", features Arnie "the farmer" Beswick.

75th Anniversary

The 75th Anniversary "From Concept to Real Performance" shirt. 



The "2001 F-Body" shirt was the official event shirt for the Memphis, 2001 F-body national gathering.

Comp TA

comptashirtsm.JPG (11758 bytes)

This is the perfect shirt for Comp T/A Owners and Enthusiasts

Comp TA Across America

The Comp TAs are on tour and you never know where they might turn up. The shirt features  tour dates (real and fictitious) that make this shirt as fun to read as it is to wear!

30 Years of Driving Excitement


In honor of the 30 Years of the Pontiac Firebird this shirt celebrates Driving Excitement!


The Muscle Car Lives


This shirt is proof that The Muscle Car does live on!

30 Years of Legendary Performance

Available in two versions!

Arnie "The Farmer" Beswick Through the Years

Check out the new version of this shirt!

Legendary Performers



For those that prefer their WS-6 in red.

Arnie "The Farmer" Beswick Video

You won't want to miss this 2 1/2 hour video on Arnie "the Farmer" Beswick featuring original footage!

       NOW ON DVD!